Charlotte’s Web Activities

Here is some of our Charlotte’s Web fun from the last 2 weeks!


Molly’s sixth birthday was the day before school started and she requested a “Charlotte’s Web cake!”. Her number one request was that it wasn’t orange and black, lest it look like Halloween. πŸ˜‰


As a review of nouns, pronouns, verbs and adjectives I copied a few paragraphs into a word document and she highlighted a different part of speech each day.


Goose chose a couple nouns to draw :). She always wants to do what M is doing, which is tough sometimes!


Lucy working on a barnyard animal literacy activity. She matched the words to the animals and then copied them onto the page.


We used spelling words from Charlotte’s Web instead of All About Spelling. Here she is playing spelling games on Spelling City.


We listened to most of the book on audio, though a few days she chose to read it instead. This has been awesome! We are getting our audiobooks through Audible.


One of our art projects. This was fun because it was multi-step. We painted the Popsicle sticks in the morning and assembled the barn in the afternoon.


A friend sent her Charlotte’s Web in French!


Part of our study has been learning to write summaries. She writes one for each chapter. She loves reading all the summaries in book report fashion. 😍

We have a few more activities for the week and then on to something else! It has been a really fun unit! Lucy will get to pick next week and then Molly has chosen James and the Giant Peach for her next unit!


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