Our Curriculum Advisors


That would be these two. Our first unit was picked by the big one:

And you all know she choose Charlotte’s Web.

Now it is the little one’s turn.


SHE chose Africa. We’ve been using our Expedition Earth materials, and learning about ancient Africa in our history curriculum. A few TPT units have rounded out our days with Safari Math Journals and Literacy activities. Molly is also working on her first research project! (More to come later!).

The both loved Triangle Tigers, which I found on Pinterest.


Lucy is getting a huge kick out of these sentence building worksheets:



The other little craft I found was at Michael’s for$2.50! The loved it.

We are very much enjoying this unit! We’ll be taking a break while Molly has a major open heart surgery, but I am hoping to finish Africa and do one more unit first!



Charlotte’s Web Activities

Here is some of our Charlotte’s Web fun from the last 2 weeks!


Molly’s sixth birthday was the day before school started and she requested a “Charlotte’s Web cake!”. Her number one request was that it wasn’t orange and black, lest it look like Halloween. 😉


As a review of nouns, pronouns, verbs and adjectives I copied a few paragraphs into a word document and she highlighted a different part of speech each day.


Goose chose a couple nouns to draw :). She always wants to do what M is doing, which is tough sometimes!


Lucy working on a barnyard animal literacy activity. She matched the words to the animals and then copied them onto the page.


We used spelling words from Charlotte’s Web instead of All About Spelling. Here she is playing spelling games on Spelling City.


We listened to most of the book on audio, though a few days she chose to read it instead. This has been awesome! We are getting our audiobooks through Audible.


One of our art projects. This was fun because it was multi-step. We painted the Popsicle sticks in the morning and assembled the barn in the afternoon.


A friend sent her Charlotte’s Web in French!


Part of our study has been learning to write summaries. She writes one for each chapter. She loves reading all the summaries in book report fashion. 😍

We have a few more activities for the week and then on to something else! It has been a really fun unit! Lucy will get to pick next week and then Molly has chosen James and the Giant Peach for her next unit!

Tiny Spark Academy 2013-14 Has Begun

Hello, friends!

We started school the day after M turned 6. Second grade for her, Kindergarten for L. Craziness. Molly got to pick our first unit, and she picked to study Charlotte’s Web, by one of her favorite authors, E.B. White. Because I’ve been working a lot the last few months (hello, late nights) I’ve turned to teacherspayteachers.com to help me out with my planning of these “fun” units. I’m not going to post a curriculum list for this year, because it is vastly similar to last year, with a few additions/changes that I’ll get into in a few weeks, after I’ve felt things out a bit. Teacherspayteachers.com is a great site. When I first found it last year the lessons were a little easier on the wallet than they are now (I think they gained some national media coverage) but it is still so helpful and if you look at reviews and get to know some of the sellers you can really get high quality, fun curriculum. Here is what we used for Charlotte’s Web:

Charlotte’s Web Literature Unit for Mimi

Farm Time Fun Unit for Goose

Farm Animals in French for both

Other things we’ve been using (and loving) so far this year are:

Dolch Pre-Primer Sight Word Printables for Goose. So far she really loves these. I write the past words along the top of each one so we can review.

Grammar Galore: Bundle Pack for Molly has been really a wonderful tool to review our grammar from last year.

Number of the Day I printed and laminated one of these for each girl and they enjoy the number play, and its a great way to sneak in some math!

Another way we are sneaking in math is Math Journals. Each morning they have a fun with the problems and drawing them out. We’re using these for Goose (K) and these for Mimi (2nd).

We use these types of units and activities to keep the girls’ interest. The end of last year became a hamster wheel of “getting through” curriculum, and I vowed to them and myself to get back to having fun. They were so excited to start school, and I really, really, really want to keep that going!