Radio Silence


I hesitated starting a blog for months, because, well, blogs take time.  I don’t feel like I have a whole lot of time.  Do you?  If so, will you share?  My mom says its nice to share.

I struggle to keep up with household tasks, and its been even more of a struggle since we started homeschooling.  Each afternoon used to be filled with chores, naps, quiet time etc.  Now our afternoons are filled with science and history.  Equally important, but for this momma… the accumulation of stuff is enough to drive me crazy.  Like cah-ray-z.  My mom had 4 kids and our house was perpetually tidy.  And I mean show-ready at all times.  I cannot fathom how she kept up.  I cannot fathom how the sheer monotony of the task of cleaning up after all of us didn’t send her to the looney bin.

Where was I?  Oh yes.  My lack of ability to keep up with anything (including my own thoughts…).  So, homeschooling, health (because the boo-tay has grown since starting this endeavor) housework and my job.  Yes, my job.  For a few years I’ve been doing graphic design and some marketing for my dad’s company, and recently that responsibility has increased.  Its still not anywhere near a full time job, but it is a substantial part time one.

How does everyone do it?  Am I the only one who feels a little bit like they are drowning?  And I don’t have babies!  So many homeschoolers have babies!

So, I’m on a mission this summer to find ways to simplify and streamline.  I’ve got a couple things we are working on like chore charts (for everyone, not just kids!), homeschool organization and we are making some changes in our school room that will hopefully ease the visual chaos in there, too.

The summer task list:

Chore schedule… yawn.  But, most important.

Update school room, a place for everything!

Re-organize our pantry/hall closet

Girls’ closets

Our closets


That should be enough to keep us busy this summer, I think.  😉

My favorite time saver so far has been  In January we (ok, maybe I and Adam just didn’t argue) decided we were going to eliminate all meat (besides fish) from our diets and that made meal planning an even bigger challenge than normal.  Enter  I’ve done online meal planning programs before and been… less than impressed.  Not so with this.  We’ve enjoyed almost ever meal we’ve made from them.  Their meals are quick, easy and cost effective.  Tonight we are having Balsamic Mushroom Hoagies with Goat cheese.  Is it dinner time yet?!  Nope.  First Molly has day camp, then French, and I have a (photography) session to do.  😉

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