History Museum Field Trip

Today we went with out co-op on an incredibly fun field trip to our local history museum. We’ve been to the Field Museum in Chicago (and are due back for a visit), but today we learned all about the pioneers who settled here in our town 200 years ago. They heard stories about the pioneers and there was even a play area so they could try out many of the chores pioneer children would have been responsible for. Molly has been into chores the last few days, so this was pretty exciting for her to pretend to be a pioneer girl and comare and contrast what her chores would have been like. We were able to eat lunch there and then continue exploring the museum on our own. They loved the courtroom- and especially were intrigued by the locked doors that we think would have lead to the judges chambers. They declared it a mystery and went around the museum noticing that a lot of the doors had the same knob, with their friend C (a clue!). It was all great fun.

We know that the more humans are exposed to as children the higher their capacity for learning in the future. Getting those neurons firing and forming those pathways is so important and why field trips are a top priority for our family. Will they remember everything they did and saw and learned today? Maybe. Probably not. But I do know it was a very healthy day for their brains and that they were exposed to new (to them) ideas, patterns, architecture, thought processes, textures and more. So even our 3 year old who can’t quite grasp the idea of the pioneers in a concrete way still benefited greatly from the experience.

I honestly have walked by this museum dozens of times and never knew how kid friendly it was. It makes me wonder what else we are missing out on in our little town!












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