Happy Presidents Day!

Fun fact of the day:  George Washington was homeschooled until he was 16!

We follow our local school’s schedule for the most part, so we technically have the day off.  But, history is one of Molly’s favorite subjects, so we’ve spent our morning watching lots of little videos about the first and sixteenth presidents this morning.

We subscribe to BrainPop Jr which is a free app for both the iPhone and iPad, but can also be accessed on your computer.  Each week they post a new video which is free.  Each video has an easy quiz (perfect for lower elementary kiddos) and hard quiz (great for older kids) and a couple cute jokes.  You can download the app and never spend a penny on these adorable videos.  There are two levels of subscription.  For $1.99 a month (Brain Pop Jr. Explorer)  you can access three videos related to the free video, as well as their quizes and jokes, and these changes each week (and, if appropriate, these coorilate with what is going on in the world… Holidays, Martin Luther King Jr, etc).  For $5.99 a month (Brain Pop Jr. Full Access) you can access any of the videos and extras at any time.  Our kids love Mobey and Annie.  This is a fun addition to your day no matter which option you choose.  If you do want to subscribe its in app purchase and is billed through your iTunes account each month.  Easy peasy.

There is also BrainPop  which is geared more for upper elementary grades.  One of this week’s free movies is about Abraham Lincoln.  There seem to be several free ones, so look around!

A couple other videos about George Washington are pinned on my social studies Pinterest board.  Happy learning and happy Presidents Day!


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